Our story

Hydrate yourself with premium quality mineral water

DeliWater mineral water is pure, European mineral water of the highest quality. DeliWater still and sparkling mineral water hydrates and nourishes your body, so that you feel fit, healthy and vibrant. The water is bottled directly at source at the Greek island of Crete.

Curious about DeliWater? Let’s take you back to the very beginning…

DeliWater pure European mineral water springs in the Psiloritis mountain, the highest mountain on the Greek island of Crete, at an altitude of 402 metres above the Mediterranean sea. Traditionally a place of worship for Aphrodite and Zeus, the source was formed by the melting snow water that trickled from the top through the soil, being filtered in the most natural way for centuries.

Pure European mineral water

Contained in the heart of the mountain, with virtually unpopulated surroundings and the clean and healthy sea breeze, the purity of our water is ensured still today. DeliWater is harvested from this secure mountain reservoir for you to enjoy only the very best of drinking waters. The mineral water from this natural source has been recognized time and time again with prestigious international awards.

Moreover, DeliWater meets the highest standards for safe drinking water of the best quality, as set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Our water also meets the strict requirements for baby food and low-sodium diets.

Why we provide you with water?

You may wonder why we are in the water business? We believe that water should not be taken for granted. It’s a scarce product that is an essential part of our nutrition. However, not everyone has access to clean drinking water. And even if you do: how do you really know that the water you drink is beneficial for your wellbeing? That’s why we want to contribute to a more honest division of reliable drinking water. And help you understand what quality water really is. We make it our mission to provide you with clean, premium-quality drinking water, wherever you are.