Water bottles

Which bottle size do you need?

Still mineral water? Or rather sparkling? Whether you are looking for quality mineral water for your restaurant, your hotel, your club, your supermarket, your event or sports club, you’ll surely find a suitable bottle size in our offering. Should you require a different bottle type or size, please contact us.

Glass and BPA-free pet water bottles

DeliWater bottled mineral water is available in a wide range of bottle sizes, in glass and BPA-free PET. If you prefer BPA-free PET, you can choose from four bottle sizes: 0,5 litre, 0,75 litre sports bottle, 1 litre and 1,5 litre. Our glass bottles are available in a practical one-portion 0,33 litre and a 1 litre size. Still water is available in each of our bottle sizes. Sparkling mineral water comes in 0,33 litre and 1 litre glass bottles, and in 0,5 litre and 1 litre BPA-free PET. Download our leaflet for a complete overview.

Drinking water bottled in BPA-free PET

Our PET bottles are free of bisphenol A (BPA)

0,5 litre BPA-free PET water bottle

0,75 litre BPA-free PET water bottle for sporters

1 litre BPA-free PET water bottle (smooth)

1,5 litre BPA-free PET water bottle

2 litre BPA-free PET water bottle