Water for events

Bottled and bulk mineral water for events and large audiences

Are you an event organiser, a popular radio station, or do you run a large event venue? Do you host big festivals? Are people regularly enjoying music concerts or exhibitions at your venue?

Then of course you want to provide them with sufficient and clean drinking water. Actually, for many events, you are obliged to provide your guests with drinking water. How about offering them DeliWater still or sparkling mineral water or with bottled water labelled with your own brand name?

Quality water for keeping your festival guests hydrated

Deliwater is your trusted provider of pure European mineral water. We are specialised in distributing our water efficiently and cost effectively to our clients in EMEA and Asia. Consequently, you can use our quality assured water supply to keep your audience hydrated. For many different types of events we can work as the temporary water supplier. Are you interested in purchasing large quantities of pure mineral water on a regular basis? Then we’re looking forward to meeting you!