Water for your workplace

Workplace water programme for well-hydrated, healthy employees

Have you ever thought of offering your employees an in-company water programme? As an employer, you want the best for them. If they are healthy and fit, they’ll be happier, more productive and your sick-leave numbers will decrease.

A very simple measure to contribute to your employees’ health is the offering of clean drinking water. DeliWater pure European mineral water is your partner for your in-company bottled water programme.

The majority of your employees may very well be suffering dehydration

Did you know that even if most people know that they should drink enough water, up to 75% of the American population do not manage to drink their daily 10 cups?! With 60% of our bodies being composed of water that means that most people are working in a chronic state of dehydration. Headaches, sleepiness, a general feeling of weakness and many other physical inconveniences and also lack of creativity can be prevented by drinking enough water. Don’t you want to help them stay healthy by offering them clean and fresh bottled water? You can choose DeliWater pure European mineral water, or go for our bottles branded with your own company logo.